Jordan opens its doors to World Cup ticket holders

The Jordanian Interior Minister has decided to accept a ticket to attend the World Cup matches for the purposes of issuing visas and for several trips without the need for prior approval for citizens of all nationalities without exception to enter Jordan.

And Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Al-Majali told Al-Mamlaka on Monday that “the decision has been made to launch it and there will be no exceptions for any nationality. territory of the Kingdom, and there will be no exception for any nationality.

He continued: “The Ministry of the Interior is preparing through the executive branch to receive the guests and tourists of the Kingdom and coordinate to provide all the services required by the tourist, which reflects a civilized and positive image of the potential of Jordan and its rich tourist, religious and archaeological sites.”

Majali emphasized that “this decision is aimed directly at facilitating and simplifying the procedures for ensuring the entry and transfer of fans involved in visiting World Cup matches, as well as sports teams to and from the Kingdom.”

He noted that “all of this will ultimately boost the tourism sector, push the wheel of the national economy and attract those masses who will attend this global gathering that will be held in Qatar during the 11 months of this year.”

It is noteworthy that the 2022 World Cup will be held from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar and for the first time will be held in the winter season, and not in the summer.

Source: “Ammon”

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