Jennifer Hermoso Responds to Spanish Federation President’s Controversial Behavior at Women’s World Cup Final

Jennifer Hermoso Releases Statement Regarding Controversial Incident at Women’s World Cup

Jennifer Hermoso, the Spanish soccer player, released an official statement on Wednesday in which she responded to the president of the Spanish federation, Luis Rubiales, who was with her during the women’s World Cup final.

Controversy Erupts After Women’s World Cup Final

Spain won the Women’s World Cup by beating England with a no-response goal to give the Spaniards their first title in their history, and during the medal coronation, controversy began after Rubiales kissed Jenny Hermoso in an exaggerated manner, after which he faced a flurry of criticism.

Jennifer Hermoso Condemns Degrading Behavior

The content of the statement reads as follows: “My union FUTPRO, in coordination with TMJ, is responsible for protecting my interests, and for this we express our strong and loud condemnation of behavior that denigrates the dignity of women.”

The statement continued: “On behalf of our association, we ask the Spanish Football Federation to implement the necessary protocols, guarantee the rights of our players and take ideal measures, and it is necessary that our team, the reigning world champion, be represented, always by personalities that reflect the values ​​of equality and respect in all areas.”

Call for Support and Prevention

He added: “This is a battle that our players have fought resolutely and that has brought us to where we are today. We also call on the High Council for Sports, within its mandate, to support and strengthen prevention practices and interventions in the face of sexual harassment or assault, masculinity and sexism.”

FUTPRO Stands Against Violations of Footballers’ Rights

The statement further reads: “FUTPRO rejects any attitude or behavior that violates the rights of footballers so that actions like those we have seen never go unpunished and footballers must be protected from unacceptable actions.”

Upcoming Meeting to Discuss Developments

On August 28, Amanda Gutiérrez, President of the Majority Spanish Women’s Football Federation, will meet with Yolanda Diaz, Minister of Labor and Social Economy, to discuss developments.

Source: “Wakalat”

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