Japan Plans to Bury CO2 in Malaysia by 2028: A Step Towards Decarbonization

Japan to Bury Carbon Dioxide in Malaysia to Achieve Decarbonization

As part of measures to achieve decarbonization, the Japanese government intends to begin implementing a project to bury CO2 left by Japanese companies in Malaysia in 2028, the Nikkei newspaper reports.

Transportation of Carbon Dioxide to Malaysia

According to the newspaper, carbon dioxide will be transported to Malaysia in liquefied form by sea tankers.

Discussion with Petronas

Representatives of the Japanese government expect to discuss this issue with the management of the Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas, whose gas fields can be used as landfills for this waste.

Elimination of Carbon Dioxide Production

It is expected that with the help of underground storage facilities, Japan will be able to eliminate 10-20% of its carbon dioxide production. The country’s authorities intend to allocate about 4 trillion yen (about 26.9 billion dollars) for the implementation of this initiative over 10 years.

Japan’s Carbon Dioxide Emission Goals

The Japanese government has set a goal to completely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from industrial and automobile vehicles by 2050. To do this, it is necessary to provide equipment that allows the capture and disposal of 120 million tons annually.

Experiments in Carbon Dioxide Burial

Experiments on burying carbon dioxide in underground layers have been carried out in Japan since 2016.

Source: TASS

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