Israeli Security Officials Accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of Harming the Army: Times of Israel Report

Israeli Security Officials Accuse Netanyahu of Harming Army

Israeli media have reported that Israeli security officials are accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of accusing them of harming the army.

Repeated Attacks on High-Ranking Officers

The Times of Israel quoted security officials as saying that by allowing repeated attacks on high-ranking officers, the prime minister is trying to hold them accountable for the ongoing damage to military readiness caused by reservists refusing to serve in the army. The protest is against a controversial plan for a judicial revolution.

Chief of Staff’s Request

According to Channel 12, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi urged Netanyahu at a military readiness briefing on Sunday to issue a statement condemning recent attacks by coalition members and others on army commanders for the damage done to national security by the “reform” judicial plan. Citing unnamed security officials, the network reported that they were surprised when the prime minister did not do this.

Netanyahu’s Attempt to Shift Blame

Channel 12 quoted an official as saying, “Netanyahu’s attack on army commanders is an attempt to place the responsibility for what is happening on the shoulders of the Israeli army.”

Defense Minister Defends Chief of Staff

Earlier Monday, the prime minister’s son Yair Netanyahu wrote on Facebook criticizing Halevi, but the post was later removed. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant defended Halevi in ​​a tweet, calling him “one of the best officers I have met in all my years of service in the IDF and security forces.”

Netanyahu’s Response

Without explicitly condemning his son’s post, Netanyahu tweeted that he was working closely with the Israeli Defense Minister and senior officers of the Israeli army and security forces to guarantee Israel’s security under any circumstances.

Warnings from Army Chiefs

On Sunday, army chiefs warned Netanyahu that the army would begin to feel the negative impact of the reservists’ protest against the judiciary reform plan in another two weeks. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and National Security Adviser Tzachi Khanegbi also attended the meeting with army generals.

Mutual Suspicion and Mistrust

Ynet reported that mutual suspicion, mistrust, and constant slander is the only way to explain the stalemate in the acute crisis between Netanyahu and some members of the Knesset in the coalition on one hand, and Israeli army commanders on the other.

Source: Times of Israel + Ynet.

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