Israeli Security Agency to Receive Dossier on Tackling Organized Crime in Arab Community

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the violence that has gripped Arab society in recent years, stressing: “We are determined to fight this criminal phenomenon and those who are at the head of it.”

At the beginning of the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said: “I will hold a special meeting for this purpose, to include the Shin Bet in a focused effort against the crime families. I insist that the Shin Bet intervene immediately”, noting that “our government has huge budgets for the police to hire more than a thousand policemen and create a national guard, but all this takes time – and we do not have time. Assassinations in the Arab sector have taken the form hitting the state level.”

He added: “I remind you that the governments under my leadership have created 10 police stations in the Arab community, whereas before there were almost no such centers. In continuation of this policy, our government has allocated huge budgets to the police in order to hire thousands more people. police officers and create the National Guard. But the creation, recruitment and training of these forces takes time, and we do not have time. That is why I insist that the Shin Bet be activated immediately.”

He stressed: “This is a necessary step, and the problems associated with its implementation must be overcome. Only in this way can we quickly turn the tide and respond to the Arab citizens of Israel who want law and order back into their lives.”

Source: i24 news

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