Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Calls for Complete Closure of Eastern Border to Prevent Refugee Influx

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Calls for Closure of Eastern Border to Prevent Refugees

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the eastern border with Jordan will become a new route for refugees, especially Africans, to enter, stressing the need for a complete closure of the long border.

According to a report published by the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan 11), Netanyahu said at the last meeting of his government that “Israel is one of the few countries that has almost complete control of its borders.” “We have one border that has not been resolved.” It has a dimension in terms of the wall, which is the eastern boundary, and we will have to close that as well,” he continued. eastern border, there will be no Jewish state.”

Netanyahu stated that “countries cannot cope with the current wave of refugees from Africa or Islamic countries” and cited Cyprus as an example, saying that “6 to 7% of the population of Cyprus is Muslim.” He added: “We would have found ourselves in a situation similar to theirs had it not been for the decision to close our southern borders despite attacks and resistance from critics. The same applies to the northern border.”

He continued: “Since Israel has every opportunity to attract these infiltrators, it is close and accessible, and the eastern border is very long and less guarded, it could become the next port through which infiltrators will involuntarily pass. The situation in Africa is getting worse, hunger is growing, wars continue, and people… “They will be forced to relocate.”

Netanyahu confirmed that his government will work to “close the eastern border” with Jordan by building a wall along the border areas, which reaches a length of 238 kilometers, and therefore he instructed Likud members in the Knesset and Parliament to begin work on the adoption of the “Basic Law”. : Immigration” to settle the wall issue.

According to the Arab 48 website, observers believe that Netanyahu’s announcement of his intention to build a wall along the border with Jordan is motivated by security concerns represented by preventing the entry of migrants, but in essence it is aimed at trying to prevent smuggling. weapons to the West Bank, and this is also motivated by political considerations, in the foreground of which is the “sanctification of the process of annexation of the West Bank.”

Netanyahu announced in early September this year that Tel Aviv had been able to stop a million infiltrators from Africa, whom he described as those who were “going to destroy Israel,” adding: “We will now build a fence on our territory.” the eastern border with Jordan and ensure that infiltration does not occur from there either.”

Source: Agencies

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