Israeli Government to Discuss Deportation of Eritrean Refugees after Riots: Reports

Israeli Government to Discuss Deportation of Eritrean Refugees


On Sunday, the Israeli government will discuss the situation resulting from the riots staged by a group of Eritrean refugees on Saturday south of Tel Aviv and the possibility of their deportation as a result.

Government Measures

According to the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after these riots, the government at its meeting tomorrow will take appropriate measures to combat illegal immigrants, which include deportation.

“In view of the serious unrest that took place in Tel Aviv, the prime minister has decided to form a special group of ministers to take action against illegal immigrants involved in the unrest, including deportation,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement. “The group will meet tomorrow at the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Violent Clashes

Earlier today, Saturday, violent clashes erupted between Israeli security forces and hundreds of Eritrean asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, injuring 27 police officers and damaging public and private property.

Later that day, Israeli police announced that their brigades in Tel Aviv had succeeded in quelling “riots” provoked by a group of Eritrean refugees and arrested 39 of them.


As the Israeli government convenes to discuss the riots and the potential deportation of Eritrean refugees, tensions remain high in Tel Aviv. The actions taken by the government will have significant implications for both the refugees and the country’s immigration policies.

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