Israeli embassies participate in strike opposing Netanyahu’s judicial reform proposal.

The union letter says Israeli embassies around the world have been instructed to join a strike on Monday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plan.

“The activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at home and abroad will be limited to emergency services,” the letter said, referring to the general strike in Israel called by the Histadrut union.

The Histadrut Federation, the largest trade union organization in Israel, representing more than 700,000 workers in healthcare, transport and banking, among many other fields, went on strike on Monday.

This strike resulted in the suspension of air traffic at Ben Gurion Airport and the Ashdod and Haifa Port Users Committee called a comprehensive strike.

The medical syndicate announced a total strike in the healthcare system, only emergency cases were admitted to hospitals.

At the same time, all universities and a number of academic institutions have announced the suspension of education until further notice. Shopping centers and shops were closed, except for pharmacies and supermarkets.

Source: Jerusalem Post + RT.

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