Israel relaxes restrictions on Palestinian entry into Jerusalem ahead of Ramadan

The Israeli authorities announced that “restrictions imposed on the entry of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza into Jerusalem will be relaxed in the run-up to the month of Ramadan.”

A statement from the coordinator of government activities in the territories said that women of all ages, children under 12 and men over 55 from the West Bank will be allowed to enter Israel to pray at Al-Aqsa. A mosque in Jerusalem on Friday without a valid entry permit.

As for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, an unspecified number of them will be allowed to visit Jerusalem from Sunday to Thursday during the month of Ramadan. The agency said such permits would be issued to women over 50 and men over 55.

He indicated that visits by Palestinians from the West Bank to their family members in Israel would be allowed, as well as visits by foreigners to Palestinians in the West Bank, provided that all visits were subject to security clearance. Palestinians from the West Bank have also received permission to travel abroad during the month of Ramadan through Ramon Airport.

The office said that during the month of Ramadan, the opening hours of various crossings and checkpoints inside and outside the West Bank would be extended.

Source: Times of Israel.

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