Israel: "Islamic jihad" Try platform targeting "tamar" marching gas

The Israeli army said that Islamic Jihad attempted to launch a drone on the Tamar gas platform, located off the coast of Ashdod.

The Israeli army said in a statement that it “observed during a recent military operation in Gaza an attempt by Islamic Jihad to launch a drone towards the Tamar gas platform, located off the coast of Ashdod, but it was unsuccessful.”

According to Hebrew media, the war between Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement across the Gaza Strip lasted 66 hours, during which the Palestinians fired more than a thousand rockets at southern and central Israel and at Israeli communities in the Gaza shell.

Israeli military spokesman General Ran Kochav indicated that “the IDF has bombed 140 sites belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement in the Palestinian territories since the start of the operation.”

“These targets include an assault tunnel, dozens of military observation posts, several missile launchers, and eight groups that were sent to carry out the attack,” Kochav said.

Source: “I24”

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