Israel forges a new equation with Gaza under Netanyahu’s leadership.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday evening that Tel Aviv has created a new equation, referring to the Israeli army’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip against Islamic Jihad leaders.

“Our forces are bombing targets in Gaza and paying a heavy price,” Netanyahu said.

He added that anyone who tries to harm us will be dealt with through this process, noting that Islamic Jihad has taken its heaviest blow in recent memory.

And he continued by saying: “We are sending a message and a telegram to anyone who is trying to harm Israel. We are watching you everywhere.”

For his part, Defense Secretary Gallant said the army had dealt a heavy blow to Islamic Jihad in a very short period of time.

He stated that the means used by the Palestinian organizations to attack Israel were targeted.

The minister explained that Israeli forces had struck at stockpiles of missiles that were to be fired at Israeli areas.

He pointed out that all these actions left the Islamic Jihad without the opportunity to respond, noting that the advanced Israeli technologies that have recently entered service are credited.

Galant stressed that Tel Aviv will respond to anyone who tries to harm Israel.

The Minister of Defense confirmed that the battle is not yet over and the battlefield has not calmed down, stressing that they are ready for any scenario.

“I hope this battle ends soon,” he added.

Source: RT

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