Israel declares support for Ukraine against Russia

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that “Israel supports Ukraine and will continue to help Kyiv” in the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

Cohen also confirmed during a meeting he had with Zelensky in Kiev on Thursday that Israel will support the Ukrainian resolution, which is expected to be presented next week at the UN General Assembly, and that the Israeli embassy in Kiev will return to uninterrupted for the first time. work. since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

“I just finished an important and good meeting with President Zelensky and assured him that Israel strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the Israeli Foreign Minister said.
On the other hand, Cohen said he had discussed Iranian “threats” with Zelensky. He said: “The evil face of Iran is also being revealed in Ukraine. We must cooperate against the Iranian threat in the international arena.”

At the meeting, the parties discussed the “destructive actions of Iran in Ukraine” and discussed cooperation against “Iranian terrorist activities” in the international arena.

He added: “We agreed that Iran’s subversive and terrorist activities in Ukraine are to be condemned and that the international community must take the strongest measures to contain Tehran.”

“Israel will be a partner in rebuilding Ukraine,” Cohen said.

Source: RT

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