Israel decided to reward fighter soldiers "limitation"

The Israeli government has decided to make a donation to veterans of the South Lebanese army “Lahad” to help them in exchange for their role in supporting the Israeli military establishment.

The Israeli army said in a statement: “The Israeli government has approved the decision to make a gift to the veterans of the South Lebanese army to complete the four-year period that the IDF has undertaken to help this group and as a token of appreciation. of those who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Israeli military establishment.”

As part of the approved draft resolution, it was decided that “each element of the South Lebanese Army will be provided with material assistance in the acquisition of a house in the amount of 550,000 shekels, which will be provided to each eligible person between 2022 and 2026 depending on the in the manner determined by the inter-ministerial group to be established In favor of the distribution of the grant Talk about solving the housing crisis for about four hundred families who did not receive a response upon arrival in Israel Assistance will be provided only to those who served in the SLA in accordance with the provisions of the SLA law, and their to the families or wife/husband of the deceased member, provided they reside in Israel.”

The Task Force also discussed “efforts to commemorate the heritage of the South Lebanese Army, as the South Lebanese Army Memorial was recently opened, in addition to the award of Military Medals to the South Lebanese Army fighters, and work began on the creation of a museum of the heritage of the South Lebanese Army and the fighting in Lebanon in the city of Metullah” .

For his part, the Chief of the General Staff, General Aviv Kochavi, said: “It is with great gratitude and duty that we regard our brothers in arms, the soldiers of the South Lebanese Army, who fought alongside us and risked their lives. We appreciate their role in achieving the fighting in southern Lebanon, and over the years we have not forgotten our allies and our moral duty.” Provide them with a decent and dignified life. We have been working on this case for four years and I am very pleased with its results. The journey is not over yet, but we see this step as an important and valuable achievement.”

He continued: “The IDF considers it important to ensure proper and respectful conditions for those who have helped us by tying their fate to the fate of the State of Israel. The IDF appreciates the work of the South Lebanon Army and will continue to work to maintain a strong relationship and help this group.”

Source: RT

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