Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy: US losses in direct confrontation with us exceed 52 soldiers

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy stated that “the losses of the United States in direct confrontations with it exceeded 52 soldiers for a year and a half, while Iran provided 9 martyrs (in the eighties).”

Speaking about the features of the Bagheri Martyr ship, Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, Commander of the Naval Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, explained that “60 drones can be launched from the deck of this ship and land on its runway.”

Admiral Tansiri added, “The Bagheri Martyr ship is 240 meters long and 21 meters high, and is equipped with helicopters, missiles and aircraft,” noting that “specialists from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy have designed the ship. ship so that 60 drones can be launched from the deck of this ship and land on its runway.

He continued: “The main task of the navy of the Revolutionary Guards in the Persian Gulf and beyond this region is to coordinate with the naval forces of the army in the Sea of ​​Oman in order to ensure the safety of the passage of ships. “

And the commander of the naval forces continued: “The naval forces of the Revolutionary Guard, through the use of high-speed boats in a direct collision with the Americans (in the eighties), were able to inflict losses of more than 52 soldiers during the year. and a half, and we provided 9 martyrs.”

Tangsiri commented on “what the navy is doing to keep the country safe”, saying, “We lost 4 boats during this period, but the Americans lost 3 frigates, namely the Samuel Robert, the CORCT and the Sangari.” Plus two helicopters.

And he added: “After the stage of the “Holy Defense” (the war of 1980-1988), Iran manufactured floats of the “Zulfiqar” type, installed sea missiles on them and increased their speed from 55 to 75 knots, then to 90 knots, and we are working on overcoming these speeds in the future”, noting that “the speed of American buoys of this class does not exceed 35 knots”.

Source: “ERNA”

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