Iranian official announces investigation "relative progress" During the latest round of negotiations on the nuclear dossier,

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that during the latest round of talks in Vienna, a number of proposals were discussed, and “we have made relative progress.”

“Over the past four days, there have been intensive negotiations on a number of remaining issues to ensure that Iran’s considerations and concerns are taken into account,” an Iranian official quoted IRNA as saying that “during these negotiations, we exchanged our positions with other parties, and on some issues there was relative progress has been made.

He reported that “The Coordinator of the European Union Enrique Mora today presented to the parties some proposals on some of the remaining issues based on the discussions that took place over the past three days”, noting that “as soon as we received these ideas, we conveyed to Mora our initial responses and comments. but, of course, these points require a thorough study, and we will pass on our comments and considerations to the negotiation coordinator and other parties.

He added: “There is no doubt that the main principle for us is to protect the rights and interests of the Iranian people.”

According to press reports, the European Union has presented the final text of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear dossier.

Source: “ERNA”

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