Iran: we are ready to link countries "Brix" energy corridors and international markets

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi confirmed that his country is ready to use all its possibilities and opportunities to link the BRICS countries, energy corridors and international markets.

In his speech at the BRICS+ summit, which was held via video link and hosted by China, Raisi said before the summit of BRICS leaders (which includes Russia, India, Brazil, China and South Africa): “Development without justice has led to the spread of global crises such as as a crisis of morality and morality, and a widening gap between the poor and the rich”, noting that “the interconnected world today faces new and diverse challenges that leave their mark on the path of global friendship and peace and that crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change , regional and international conflicts, doubling the need for interaction between countries.”

The Iranian President believed that “controversial developments in the world, unilateralism, national discrimination and other challenges such as embargoes and economic pressures double the importance of building and strengthening modern institutions along with the United Nations in order to take important steps to achieve a” human society with common future”, in addition to respect for the sovereignty of states and their national interests.

Raisi continued, “The members of the BRICS group have complementary economies and cultural diversity, and they can meet their respective needs and share their national and local development experiences with others to promote prosperity and world peace.”

And he added: “The influential role of BRICS in achieving such goals as the development of relations between the countries of the South, the reform of the international financial system, the presentation of ideas and initiatives to BRICS members, such as the One Belt, One Road project and the creation of a new development bank to increase the level of public welfare and the promotion of global peace and stability, all point to the influential creative identity of these countries. The organization now and in the future”, adding that “the policies and programs of the BRICS organization demonstrate the ability of this organization to address a wide range of issues relating to the problems of society.”

Raisi stressed that “Iran deeply believes in global justice and its transformation into an overarching issue at the international level as an undeniable necessity”, adding: “Iran is ready to use all its capabilities and opportunities, including its vast energy resources, short and low-cost transportation and transit networks, as well as the exceptional human wealth of an educated and trained workforce, as well as brilliant scientific achievements to achieve the goals of the BRICS organization.

He continued, “Iran’s exceptional position in political and economic geography can make Iran a stable and reliable partner to connect the BRICS countries, energy corridors and major international markets.”

Source: “Tariffs”

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