Iran condemns new US sanctions against it: "Absurd and illegal behavior"

Tehran condemned the new US sanctions against Iranian individuals and companies, calling them “ridiculous and illegal behavior” that demonstrates the US administration’s inability to understand international equations.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani condemned the US move to announce the ban “due to false allegations of involvement in cyber attacks against the United States.”

Kanaani added that “Washington’s insistence on engaging in absurd, illegal, and out-of-the-box actions against governments and independent countries demonstrates the US administration’s inability to properly understand the international equations and its ignorance of the facts.”

“To resort to unleashing a false propaganda campaign and spreading false information against the Islamic Republic is part of the failed Iranophobic policy of the US administration, which, of course, will lead nowhere,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Kanani was quoted by the Iranian news agency as saying that the US administration, which has previously kept silent about cyberattacks on Iran’s infrastructure and peaceful nuclear facilities and “even directly or indirectly supported these attacks, has no right to blame others.”

Source: Iranian News Agency.

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