Iran: Any country that cooperates with the Zionist entity against our country will pay the price

An Iranian military official said that any country that cooperates with a “Zionist entity” to threaten his country’s national security will “pay for its actions.”

Major General Ghulam Ali Rashid, Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Headquarters, stated: “Any acts of threat from the Zionist entity against the interests and national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran are based on information, coordination and support from America.”

In a speech to a number of Army and Revolutionary Guard commanders at the Joint Air Defense Headquarters, Rashid warned “the Americans that any support for the Zionist entity’s actions against Iran would endanger the lives of American soldiers in the region.”

He added: “Any country that cooperates with the Zionist entity to threaten the national security of Iran will pay the price for their actions, and our combat-ready armed forces will attack and attack the principle of aggression and all coordinated and cooperating centers and bases on the way and airspace, used for transit.

Source: Fars news agency.

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