Imran Khan politician arrested in Pakistan for treason

Pakistani police on Tuesday arrested a prominent politician from the party of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on charges of trying to incite soldiers to a prominent military leadership.

Party officials, including Imran Khan, were quick to condemn the arrest of Shahbaz Gill, the opposition PTI’s chief of staff.

“This is a kidnapping, not an arrest,” Khan said. “Can such shameful acts be committed in any democracy? Politicians are treated like enemies. All this to force us to accept a government of rogues supported from abroad.” “.

The charges against Gill carry a maximum death penalty if found guilty.

He was arrested the day after he appeared on a news channel and spoke in detail about the current political situation. In an interview, he urged forces up to the rank of Bayraktar not to take any illegal orders from the country’s most prominent military command.

Gill hinted in his statements that soldiers up to the rank of Bayraktar are Khan’s supporters and that only a few generals oppose Khan and his party. Pakistan suspended the news channel due to Gill’s broadcast.

Source: AP

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