Hungarian PM warns of Europe moving towards war with Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called the EU sanctions against Russia a step pushing the world to war.

Kossuth stated this during an interview with Hungarian radio that it is necessary to insist on peace talks between the two sides, and not resort to restrictive measures: “The supporters of sanctions take the side of one of the parties to the conflict, thereby taking a step towards war. It is clear that we are approaching with “Every step of the clash. We are not shooting yet, but we are very close to the battle. What Europe is doing now is very dangerous.”

And the Hungarian Prime Minister announced in September last year the launch of the first nationwide consultations in Europe to find out the opinion of citizens on EU sanctions against Russia and called on all citizens of the country to express their opinion and thus “put an end” to the increase in energy prices caused by restrictions, “ imposed by Brussels on the countries of the European Union. According to him, prices in Europe will fall by half within a few days if the EU changes its sanctions policy.

Earlier Friday, Orban said he had already filled out an online questionnaire, answering negatively to all questions about restrictive measures. National consultations will continue in Hungary until 9 December and mailing of questionnaires by mail started on 14 October.

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