Hungarian Foreign Minister: The idea of ​​setting prices for Russian gas is ridiculous

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stressed that the idea of ​​setting a price ceiling for Russian gas is absurd, as it will increase the price of gas, and the European Commission is aware that this measure is not economic, but rather political in nature.

“The idea of ​​limiting gas prices, aimed at ousting Russian gas from the European market, is simply ridiculous. It is ridiculous from an economic point of view, because a person does not have to be a Nobel laureate in economics, ”Szijjarto told Hungarian journalists. after a meeting of EU energy ministers. Or even graduate from the Faculty of Economics in order to understand that the less a product is supplied, the higher its price. That is, if Russian gas is forced out of the European market, then the amount of gas on the European market will decrease, which will lead to its rise in price prices.

He pointed out that European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simpson “also acknowledged that this is a political measure and that lowering gas prices is unreliable.”

He added: “We know that setting a gas price ceiling will mean removing Russian gas from the European market, because representatives of Gazprom and the Russian government have made it clear that if there is a price ceiling, we can say goodbye to Russian gas.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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