How did Biden get to Warsaw after visiting Kyiv? "Photo"

American journalists published photos of US President Joe Biden during his trip from Kyiv to the Polish capital Warsaw by train last Monday evening.

Biden was accompanied on his trip to Kyiv by two American journalists who later published photos of him on the train on his way back from Kyiv to Warsaw.

US President Joe Biden arrived in Poland on Monday evening after his surprise visit to Ukraine.

The New York Times reported that US President Joe Biden arrived in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by train from Poland.

And the paper said Biden’s surprise trip to Ukraine from Poland took an hour, noting that Washington kept the visit a secret for security reasons.

She added that Biden was scheduled to arrive in Warsaw Tuesday morning for a two-day visit, and officials have repeatedly denied that there are any other plans they could announce to travel to Ukraine during his time there.

The White House on Sunday evening also released a public timetable for Monday, showing Biden is still in Washington and will travel to Warsaw in the evening when he has already left his country.

Source: News + RT

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