House of the Dragons Season 2 Unaffected by Hollywood Actors’ Strike: Here’s Why

House of the Dragons Season 2 Unaffected by Hollywood Actors’ Strike

Why is the casting not concerned?

House of the Dragons season 2 is going well! Last week, Hollywood actors started a strike and many productions had to stop filming, like Deadpool 3. As a reminder, the actors are demanding higher salaries, better residual payments and protections against artificial intelligence. Halting the development of operations also has an impact on their release schedule for these films and series, which worries viewers.

However, regarding the spin-off of Game Of Thrones, there is no need to worry. Actors are unaffected by requests from the American Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) because a majority of the cast is British: Paddy Considine (Viserys I Targaryen), Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen), Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower) Eve Best (Rhaenys Targaryen) or Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen).

It has been revealed that filming for season 2 of House of the Dragons will continue in the UK, as the crew is part of the Syndicate Equity, which is currently unable to organize a demonstration. “An artist joining the strike in the UK will have no protection against dismissal or being sued for breach of contract by the producer or employer. Likewise, if Equity encourages anyone to join the strike or not to cross a picket line, the group will be acting unlawfully and will therefore be liable for damages or injunctive relief,” the association said in its advice to the members, as reported by the media.

Moreover, if the strike continues, many studios could potentially move their production to Europe or any other country, irrespective of the actors’ claims. Season 2 of House of the Dragon, for example, is being filmed in addition to the United Kingdom, in Spain. The rest of the show does not yet have a release date, so the situation is subject to change. Regardless, HBO has already promised big action moments, including a naval battle.

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