Hebrew channel that follows the largest Masonic lodge in Israel (photo)

In a video report, the Hebrew channel “I24NEWS” reported that he had entered the largest Freemasonry lodge in Israel in an attempt to uncover the secret of what Freemasonry has been accused of hiding for centuries.

And the Jewish channel met Suleiman Salem, an Arab from the city of Haifa who served as the former president of the Grand Lodge in Israel, noting that he “does not hide his affiliation with Freemasonry, on the contrary, he speaks with pride about it.”

While the rituals and symbols of Freemasonry are suspect, the movement still refuses to reveal most of them for privacy reasons and refuses to use the term “secret,” according to I24NEWS.

And I24NEWS stated that “the Masonic movement is trying to deflect suspicions about its activities and point out that there is nothing to hide from the world as some of its pioneers have become more visible on media platforms to debunk suspicions and conspiracy theories.” .”

And the Hebrew channel followed “a small room that the organizers did not want to photograph, and this is a room with dim light, including a seat and a mirror, and on it a curtain with symbols that are difficult to interpret, full of strangeness and mystery.”

He quoted those in charge as saying, “This is where the new member sits, coinciding with the board of the forum debating the procedure for its admission.”

And the channel reported that it tracked the flag of Israel and the image of the so-called “Temple of Solomon” and “necklaces with menorah and tablets of the Ten Commandments in Judaism”, explaining that “Freemasonry denies any relation to religion and Zionism, relations, the existence which many have long contemplated and that they have many dimensions.

The channel published a video report from the forum.

Source: “I24NEWS”

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