Han Solo in carbonite backpack will make Jabba jealous

Not all of us can be obscenely wealthy corpulent blobby aliens that own the frozen body of a space smuggler encased in carbonite as the finest object in our art collection.

You can still lay claim to your own version of that masterpiece, and it won’t involve dealing with any bounty hunters. Toy maker Comic Images is bringing out a Han Solo-encased-in-carbonite backpack.

The backpack comes in carbonite gray and features a big Han Solo head projecting out in 3D. It has an appropriately anguished expression. Tiny hands and feet stick out and the side panels are inspired by the look of Solo’s slab from the movie.

Comic Images is experienced in creating oddball “Star Wars” plush objects. It has an entire line of “super-deformed” plush toys depicting Darth Vader, Chewbacca and others with giant heads. It also offers a series of squishy and weird backpack creatures, including an Ewok with really long arms and a pretty cuddly looking wampa.

The Han Solo backpack is one of the stranger items to come from Comic Images, but it should attract some attention at the next sci-fi convention you go to. It’s also a much more portable way to express your fandom than a full-size Han Solo in carbonite.

The backpack is available to preorder from BigBadToyStore for $39.99 (about £25, AU56). It is scheduled to ship out in October unless you can swoop down in your Millennium Falcon and smuggle one out of there sooner.

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Source:: cnet.com

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