Germany to Boost Military Assistance to Ukraine with 15 Billion Euros

Der Spiegel magazine reported that in the coming years, Germany plans to increase spending on military assistance to Ukraine from 3 billion euros to more than 15 billion euros.

The magazine wrote that German Deputy Finance Minister Florian Tonkar in a secret letter asked the Budget Committee of the German Parliament to allocate more money to support Ukraine. According to this document, the German government plans to significantly expand military assistance to Kyiv in the coming years. To do this, the government needs the approval of the budget committee, but, according to Der Spiegel, it will not refuse it. The magazine reported that Berlin has already allocated 2.2 billion euros for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, as well as the replacement of weapons systems transferred to Kyiv from the warehouses of the German army.

It is expected that this year this amount will more than double and exceed 5.4 billion euros. At the same time, it is planned that Germany will allocate 8.8 billion euros in the coming years to fulfill its obligations to Ukraine.

The magazine confirmed that the Ministry of Defense will be able to conclude contracts for this amount, having checked that so far 1 billion euros have been allocated for this purpose. As a result, the total amount of German aid to Ukraine will exceed 15 billion euros.

Source: TASS

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