Germany hopes return of pumps from Canada will put an end to declining gas supplies from Russia

The German government hopes that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will return to full operation after the return of the pump of the German company Siemens from Montreal, Canada.

Of this, at a press conference held in Berlin by German Council of Ministers Spokesperson Christiane Hoffmann, she stated: “It is clear that Russia justified the reduction in gas supplies through (Nord Stream) by the fact that the repaired pump was not returned from Canada. Now it has been eliminated. for this reason”. The representative of the Cabinet of Ministers added that “a similar agreement on the supply of this pump was reached with Canada, so now it’s up to Russia.”

“We very much welcome the decision of the Canadian partners to eliminate the common cause of the decrease in gas consumption,” Hoffmann concluded, “a representative of the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection at the same briefing refused to speculate on the competence of Siemens.”

The supply of gas from Russia to Europe, the Nord Stream 1 main pipeline, was stopped for 10 days due to the planned annual repair of the gas pipeline, and from mid-June, only 40% of its maximum capacity, given that Siemens did not return on time gas pumping units from Montreal after repairs due to Canada’s sanctions against Russia. Although Canada decided to return the refurbished pump to Siemens on July 9 after several German demands, no delivery date has been set.

Source: TASS

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