German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Appears with Bruised Face: Says He Feels Good

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appears with bruises on his face

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appeared for the first time since the appearance of bruises on his face at a public event in the capital Berlin, emphasizing that he feels good.

According to the German agency DPA, Schultz said in response to questions from reporters during a visit to a religious event in the capital of Berlin: “It’s all right, I’m all right.”

Earlier today, on Monday, the German Chancellor posted a photo on his page on Platform X showing a facial injury he sustained in one eye, while covering the other with a black eyepatch to look like the pirates we see in movies. and commented, “Looking forward to the memes. Thanks for the good wishes, it looks worse than it really is!”

Earlier, a German government spokeswoman said that Schultz “fell while jogging and received bruises on his face. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his scheduled meetings during the day.” She indicated that she intended to return to work on Monday, September 4.

Source: RT

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