German Authorities Increase Purchases of Russian Oil through India by 12 Times: Official Statistics

German Authorities Increase Purchases of Russian Oil Through India


The German newspaper Der Spiegel, citing official statistics, reported that German authorities have increased purchases of Russian oil through India by 12 times.

German Fuel Imports from India

She noted that Germany buys fuel from India, which in turn buys crude oil from Russia.

Surge in Cost

The cost of oil shipped from India to Germany rose from 37 million euros last year to 451 million euros in 2023, the newspaper reported.

Russian Petroleum Exports to Brazil

Earlier, Brazilian customs statistics showed that Russia increased exports of petroleum products to Brazil in August to 920 thousand tons, which is three times more than its closest competitor, the United States.

German Parliament’s Perspective

Member of the German Parliament Sarah Wagenknecht considered Berlin’s refusal of Russian gas a stupid act.

She noted that, despite the sanctions, other European countries still purchase liquefied gas “in huge quantities either directly from Russia or through alternative routes,” but Berlin does not.


Source: RT

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