Gazprom asks Siemens for a license to transport turbines

Gazprom said that it had officially applied to the German company Siemens with a request to hand over documents authorizing the transfer of turbines necessary for the operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

“On July 15, Gazprom officially submitted an application to Siemens for obtaining documents that will allow, subject to the current sanctions regimes of Canada and the European Union, to export gas turbines for the Portovaya gas station to Russia,” the Russian company added. his statement.

The statement notes that the turbines are of great importance for the Nord Stream gas pipeline and for the German company to fulfill its obligations in the field of repair, maintenance and service of this equipment.

The statement emphasizes that the Russian company expects Siemens to unconditionally fulfill its obligations to service gas turbine engines, on which the reliable operation of the gas pipeline and the provision of fuel to European consumers depend.

Earlier, Gazprom reported that it had not received any documents allowing Siemens to transfer the turbine to the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which Canada confiscated after repairs under the pretext of Western sanctions.

The Russian company Gazprom has significantly reduced the flow of gas to Europe via Nord Stream 1 for technical reasons, as Canada did not return gas turbines after their repair under the pretext of sanctions imposed on Moscow.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline is currently undergoing scheduled repairs, which will last until July 21, which means that gas pumping along the route has been temporarily stopped.

Source: RIA Novosti

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