French police find the mutilated body of an Algerian woman in a park in the capital of Paris.

French police found an Algerian woman murdered in a park in the capital of Paris after her body was mistreated. The identity of the murdered woman was established through fingerprint analysis.

The police indicated, after identifying her by analyzing her fingerprints, that they were trying to find out the circumstances of the victim’s death and the abuse of her body.

An investigation confirmed that the body belonged to a 46-year-old Algerian woman following her disappearance on 31 January.

According to local media, the victim, who lives in Montreuil, is the mother of three children. She left her family home on January 31 before her husband reported her missing earlier this month.

At the end of this week, a Parisian street was shaken by an accident that was a big shock, and a large park in Paris was closed after repairmen found a body.

Source: agencies

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