French Education Minister to Ban Abaya in Schools: Setting Clear Rules for School Principals

French Education Minister to Ban Abaya in Schools


French Education Minister Gabriel Atal announced on Sunday that he would “ban the wearing of the abaya in schools” in France, highlighting his desire to set “clear rules at the national level” for school principals.

Minister’s Plan

When the minister was asked about an issue that had been controversial for months due to incidents involving the wearing of the uniform, Atal confirmed that he intended to meet with the school authorities “from next week” to help them implement the ban.

Ban on Hijab for Women Football Players

Earlier, the French Council of State supported a ban on women football players wearing the hijab.

A group of Muslim women known as the “veiled women” challenged in court the legitimacy of article 1 of the rules of the French Federation of the Game, which, as of 2016, prohibits “the wearing of any sign or clothing that clearly shows political, philosophical, religious or trade union affiliation.”


Source: ap

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