"Freitag monastery"Terrace’s failure distorted the ideology of economic liberalism.

Der Freitag writes that Liz Terrace’s short and disastrous tenure as prime minister completely offended the ideology of economic liberalism.

The newspaper reported that from now on, any politician calling for tax cuts will be forced to distance themselves from the catastrophe orchestrated by the Lys Terrace government.

She also noted that Liz Truss has nothing to show as a positive contribution in her short period of tenure, and vice versa, her achievement lies in the fact that she has destroyed so much in such a short time.

At the same time, his influence on British politics can be considered very significant, the newspaper notes.

The newspaper added that Truss was able to present an ideological model for the country that had long been championed by some on the right in the UK and around the world.

This model is based on a low tax society where the rich have the opportunity to increase their wealth and, according to this ideology of economic liberalism, everyone wins when the widest sections of society get richer.

According to the publication, from now on this model can be renamed “Transnonomic”.

A package of unwarranted tax cuts announced by TRACE on 23 September triggered turmoil in financial markets, a depreciation of the pound and an increase in the cost of government borrowing in the United Kingdom, prompting the Bank of England to intervene to avert the crisis. from achieving macroeconomics and threatening pensions.

The newspaper notes that Teras did not last long in power, but it took her only a few weeks to discover some uncomfortable facts and one fact that the Conservative Party was exhausted and could no longer rule, conservatives do not want power, they want collective therapy.

Source: RT

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