France.. Rights require the urgent return of the French from the Syrian camps

The two lawyers called on the French authorities to urgently return a number of seriously ill prisoners to the Roj camp, which is controlled by Kurdish forces in northeast Syria.

Lawyers for William Boron and Vincent Barngart said in a statement that the state of health of one of the children, “very alarming”, is one of the sons of a Frenchman, Estelle K., “held captive” since 2017 “in the province of Deir ez-Zor.” , and she left for Syria with her three children and her husband. “year 2014”.

The two lawyers added that Astelle’s life was “threatened” and urged the French government to proceed with the emergency return of the girl and her family.

They explained that the French cardiologist who received the file had assessed that “an emergency repatriation is needed and that her condition requires specialized care.”

Lawyers pointed out that “letters addressed to the Foreign Ministry still remain unanswered.”

Meanwhile, Marie Duse, a lawyer for families still in the camps, cited the health condition of another prisoner in the camp, a mother of two, and said she “recently suffered a stroke, was paralyzed and was hospitalized on Wednesday due to respiratory failure. “.

She stressed that “it is very necessary to return her home.”

The lawyer indicated that during the summer she sent “dozens” of warnings and return requests to the French authorities regarding mothers and their children.

She explained that “these children have spent three, four or five years in open prisons, smelling oil wells, and have not received proper care, and many of them suffer from respiratory failure.”

She pointed out that France was keeping them there despite knowing everything that was going on and said: “The later the date the children return to France, the more difficult their medical and psychological care will be.”

Source: AFP

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