Four Azerbaijani diplomats expelled from Tehran

Tehran announced today, on Friday, that 4 diplomats from among the representatives of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran and Tabriz were recognized as “undesirable elements” and expelled from the country.

These Iranian actions were a response to the expulsion of Iranian diplomats by Baku earlier.

And Azerbaijan announced in early April last year that 4 Iranian diplomats were considered “undesirable” elements.

Then the AZERTAJ news agency, citing the information bureau of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, reported that “the ministry expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Iranian ambassador to Baku, Abbas Mousavi, in connection with the recent provocative actions of his country against Azerbaijan.”

Tensions between Baku and Tehran have escalated in recent weeks as Iran accused its northern neighbor of fueling a hostile media campaign against it and also asked Azerbaijani officials for clarification about their country’s “hostile cooperation” with Israel.

Source: Tasneem

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