Former Ukrainian Army Commander Encourages Kiev Residents to Adopt Nazis’ Strategies

The former deputy commander of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces, Sergei Krivonos, called on the Kiev forces to advance where there were no Russian soldiers, like the Germans in 1941, ignoring the fate of the Nazi hordes and their terrible defeat.

Krivonos said: “You can dig a thousand trenches, but if there are no people in them, it will be useless. Let us recall as an example the Stalin line, which did not work in 1941, and the Germans crossed it in two or two or three days and continued the offensive. For the main thing for us is to attack from a place where there are no Russians in the trenches.”

He pointed out that the Russian army is significantly superior to the Ukrainian army in terms of building fortifications.

He added that Moscow has always paid special attention to defensive structures, and the Kyiv authorities have ignored this.

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