Former Iranian Football Association officials sue Trump

Members of the former president of the Iranian Football Association have filed a lawsuit against former US President Donald Trump and his administration to seek financial compensation from him.

The former football officials explained that the compensation they are seeking is compensation for the damage Trump caused to the Iranian Football Association by imposing economic sanctions on Iran, as those sanctions delayed the process of paying dues to the former Iranian coach. Belgian Mark Wilmots, in the required legal time, And the huge compensation required by the latter in accordance with the law.

Sports authorities in Iran have criticized the former administration of the Iranian Football Association, led by Mehdi Taj, accusing him of neglect and mismanagement in securing the contract of Mark Wilmots, which resulted in a large financial settlement of about four billion euros being imposed on the Iranian Football Association.

The dossier is clouded by allegations of corruption in the previous administration, which called for the involvement of oversight and parliamentary bodies, especially with the appointment of Mahdi Taj to take over again the management of Iranian football.

Source: RT

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