Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Hands-On Preview (PS5) – A Game-Changing RPG Experience for 2024

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Hands-On Preview (PS5)


Since the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans have eagerly awaited what’s next for the Final Fantasy VII saga. Thankfully, Rebirth is only a few months away now, and it’s set to be one of the biggest titles to release in 2024.

Bringing Back The Band

I got to go hands-on with Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and became even more excited about it. The demo consisted of two locations, each offering a different gameplay experience.

Location 1: Mt. Nibel Mako Reactor

In this more story-driven section, Cloud and Sephiroth investigate the Nibel Mako Reactor, a significant turning point for Sephiroth’s character. The gameplay here feels familiar to the previous Remake, providing a great refresher on the game’s mechanics.

Location 2: Exploring the Junon Region

The second section of the demo takes place right where Remake left off, with the party leaving Midgar and venturing into the Junon region. This part introduces the open-world experience from past Final Fantasy titles, and it’s great to see that familiar feature returning.

An Improved and Flashier Combat Experience

The combat in Rebirth feels smoother compared to Remake. The ATB gauge fills up as you fight, allowing you to unleash powerful attacks. You can also enter a tactical battle mode, slowing down time and giving you more control over your party’s actions.

Synergy Attacks and Synergy Skills

One significant addition is the introduction of Synergy Attacks and Synergy Skills. These cooperative attacks between party members create fantastic and cinematic moments. You can easily access these attacks through quick menus.

Playable Red XIII and Quick Party Switching

Red XIII is now a fully playable character, adding agility and speed to the combat. The camera sometimes struggles to keep up with the fast-paced action, but it doesn’t hinder the overall enjoyment. Additionally, you can set up quick parties, allowing you to switch characters seamlessly during gameplay.

Open Exploration and Material Hunting

Exploration has received an upgrade with larger open areas to discover. The landscapes around Junon are filled with destroyed towns and rocky terrain. While exploring, you can find materials to craft items, heal potions, and even ride Chocobos for faster traversal.

Monster Hunts and Challenges

During your exploration, you’ll encounter unique and powerful monsters that act as hunts. These fights come with specific challenges to overcome, such as staggering the monster or defeating it within a certain time limit. These hunts provide an extra layer of challenge for your party.

An Incredible First Impression

Based on my hands-on experience, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is shaping up to be one of the best games of 2024. The emotional journey of Cloud and his quest to stop Sephiroth promises plenty of surprises. With improvements in every aspect, Rebirth is set to be the RPG to beat.

Release Date

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth releases exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29th, 2024.

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