Expert: Confusion and ignorance of the fundamentals of the West’s economy make it revolve around the mighty Russian Ocean

Dr. Nur Nada, an expert on Russian affairs, told RT that Europe has once again confirmed that it still revolves around the mighty Russian Ocean, despite desperate attempts by the West to besiege and weaken the Russian economy.

He added that “confusion and ignorance of the basic economic laws, lack of information and scientific base have become a definite feature of the economic policy of the West.”

He said: “This policy has resulted in a comprehensive package of economic sanctions in a desperate attempt by the West to besiege and weaken the Russian economy and the authority of President Vladimir Putin.”

And added: “There is a dilemma that cannot be ignored in the policy of economic sanctions adopted by the United States of America and Europe against Russia, and as a result of the boycott of Russian oil and gas imports, fuel production is controlled by the Russians due to the fact that they have a huge and diverse production capacity. “.

He noted that “Western boycott policy ignores or may not know the economic laws of factors affecting the strength of the oil supply and the degree of price flexibility and the exchange of petroleum products.”

He emphasized that “coal conversion is unprofitable, which, of course, pollutes the environment, especially when using old coal technologies.”
He continued: “This transformation requires additional investment and at the same time the rehabilitation and training of workers to return to coal technologies. Some European factories are trying to use coal as a substitute for oil and gas, and this transformation cannot happen in the short term, as this requires a change in the Factory’s production technologies, which may require huge financial investments.

He concluded by saying: “Europe is discovering that the first producer and source of coal is the Russian Federation, and Europe has reaffirmed that it is still orbiting the Russian Ocean.”

Cairo – Nasser Hatem

Source: RT

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