Expert analysis reveals evident rise in combat readiness of China’s military forces

Military law expert Shi Dan confirmed that the amendments to the laws on military conscription during the war show that the Chinese army is increasing its level of combat readiness in light of the escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Chinese expert Deng said in a statement to the South China Morning Post that new wartime recruiting rules had previously been circulated in China, stating that the recruitment mechanism should “be guided by the concept of preparing for war.”

It also points to the need to improve recruitment efficiency by hiring “highly skilled people”.

Dan believed that the amendment worked to “patch a loophole” in this law, and also led to the need for military preparations, including in the context of the aggravation of the Taiwan issue.

The expert continued, “The Anti-Secession Law (Taiwan) contains conditions for resolving this issue by non-peaceful means. The improvement of the relevant military regulations is undoubtedly an important component of ongoing military preparations.”

Dan indicated that priority is given to veterans due to the skill and experience they have in using high-tech weapons.

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