EU launches 40 million euro military aid program for Moldova

The European Union announced the launch of a program of non-offensive military assistance to Moldova in the amount of 40 million euros from the European Peace Fund.

“The overall goal of the program is to contribute to the fact that the forces of the Republic of Moldova can strengthen national security, stability and resilience in the defense sector,” the Council of the European Union said in a statement.

“This will increase the operational efficiency of the military, improve interoperability and accelerate the implementation of EU standards, leading to better protection of civilians during crises and emergencies,” he added.

He continued: “The program will fund the procurement of logistics equipment, vehicles, command and control equipment, cybersecurity equipment, aerial reconnaissance devices, and tactical communications equipment.”

He pointed out that “the program is designed for 36 months and its budget will be 40 million euros.”

As part of the European Union’s foreign policy service, the European Peace Fund operates, from which the Union pays for general military supplies to Ukraine, having previously allocated two billion euros for these purposes since February last year.

Source: “TASS”

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