Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas Defends Husband’s Business Ties to Russia Amidst Calls for Sanctions: Bloomberg Report

Estonian Prime Minister’s Husband’s Business Ties to Russia


Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas said supporting the ruling coalition would allow her to remain in office despite the revelations of her husband’s extensive business ties to Russia, in contrast to the sanctions she advocates and pressures her country to impose.

Confirmation from the Prime Minister

Callas told Bloomberg, “Now I’m sure of it, and my coalition partners have assured me of it.”

Transport Company’s Involvement

The state broadcasting portal ERR reported that the transport company Stark Logistics, partially owned by Callas’ husband Arvo Halleck, continues to transport goods to and from Russia.

Public Reaction and Criticism

This information had a great resonance in Estonian society, and Kallas’s critics noted that she was one of the most demanding in Estonia and Europe to stop doing business with Russia.

Husband’s Response

Callas’ husband said last week that he had sold all of his shares in Stark Logistics and stepped down from the company’s board of directors.

Prime Minister’s Absence from Meeting

On Tuesday, Kallas did not attend a joint meeting of the commissions for control over the execution of the state budget and for the fight against corruption due to a busy work schedule, where the issue of her husband’s business with Russia was to be discussed.


Source: Bloomberg

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