Erdogan: Grain deal showed the possibilities of diplomacy in the Ukrainian crisis

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the implementation of the grain deal showed that a diplomatic solution to the situation in Ukraine is possible.

This happened during a speech he gave in Istanbul, where he continued: “During these difficult days, when human values ​​were tested, Turkey shared its capabilities with those who needed them, and we worked intensively from the first day until the end of the war. between Russia and Ukraine. We have shown that a diplomatic solution is possible.” Thanks to the passage of grain through the Black Sea and an agreement on the exchange of prisoners.

Erdogan said that the crisis, which began with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and continued with rising energy prices, continues and takes on a new dimension.

The grain deal, signed on July 22 by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN, provided for the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer across the Black Sea from 3 ports, including Odessa. The deal expired on November 18, but included a clause providing for its automatic extension for a period of 120 days in the absence of objections from either party.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that “there were no such objections”, while noting that the Russian side allows the technical extension of the “Black Sea Initiative” for the export of Ukrainian grain without any changes in terms and volume.

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