"Eni" Italy announced the cessation of gas supplies from Russia

Italian energy company Eni said on Monday that Russian Gazprom’s gas deliveries today will be 11 million cubic meters lower than the average in recent days.

The Italian company said in a statement today: “Gazprom announced that it will supply Eni with about 21 million cubic meters of gas per day today, while the average supply over the past few days was 32 million cubic meters.”

The Italian company added that they would provide additional information in case of new changes regarding natural gas supplies from Russia.

Today, the pumping of natural gas through Nord Stream 1 (a pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea) has been temporarily suspended from today (July 11, 2022) until July 21 due to scheduled preventive maintenance.

On the other hand, Canada confirmed that it intends to allow the supply of equipment (turbines) to Germany, specifically for the operation of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, after it was detained under the pretext of Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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