Elon Musk Prevented Dangerous Nuclear Escalation in Crimea, Claims Historian

Elon Musk Prevents Kyiv Attack on Crimea

The American historian Walter Isaacson, in his new book entitled Elon Musk, mentioned that the latter played an important role in preventing a Kyiv attack on the Crimean peninsula, which would have led to a dangerous nuclear escalation in the region.

Historian Isaacson said American businessman and Starlink owner Elon Musk secretly ordered his engineers – last year – to shut down Starlink satellite communications off the coast of Crimea in order to thwart the Ukrainian march.

The historian said Musk is concerned that a Ukrainian drone attack targeting the Russian navy in Sevastopol could escalate tensions and possibly lead to a nuclear war.

Isaacson claimed that the satellites in these areas were never turned on at all, and he simply decided not to turn them on.

Isaacson writes that Musk was horrified when he heard about the planned Ukrainian attack, in which Starlink satellites sent six explosive marches to the coast of Crimea.

He continued: “After talking to the Russian ambassador to the United States (Anatoly Antonov), who was told that an attack on Crimea could lead to a nuclear reaction, Musk took matters into his own hands and ordered his engineers to stop Starlink coverage 100 kilometers from the Crimean coast.”

And he added, “This caused the marches to lose contact and drift towards the beach without causing any damage,” effectively derailing the offensive mission.

In the same context, Ukraine’s reaction was immediate: “Desperate officials called Musk and asked him to resume the service, informing him that the rallies were considered decisive in their fight for freedom.”

Thus, this was the beginning of a chill in relations between the Kyiv forces and the billionaire who, since the beginning of the Russian special operation, helped maintain Ukraine’s connection to the Internet via Starlink satellites.

It is noteworthy that Starlink is a satellite network designed to provide access to broadband Internet anywhere in the world, and since 2018 the project has been implemented by SpaceX, owned by businessman Elon Musk.

Source: Politico

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