Elon Musk: I’m not stupid at all and I’ll be making Twitter jumps

Elon Musk has admitted he’s made mistakes since he bought Twitter for $44 billion, insisting he’s not stupid and trying not to be stupid, but says he does stupid things sometimes.

Musk spoke at a Spaces event on Twitter, where he explained his vision for the company and tried to allay the fears of advertisers, many of whom have put Twitter on hold due to the uncertainty surrounding its acquisition, noting that “the intention is not to do stupid things, we’re not stupid operationally.” We don’t aspire to be stupid, but we still do stupid things.”

He said: “If we don’t try to take bold steps, how are we going to make big improvements? Here we need to look for adventure, we are going to make big jumps and drastic improvements, but this comes with some risks. The key is to be very nimble and when we make a stupid move we correct it quickly and that’s the main thing.”

Musk tried to reassure advertisers and brands that his new Twitter content editing advisory board “will represent diverse viewpoints in the United States and around the world,” adding, “In the short term, I only have the keys to a building about a week ago. It’s very fast here, but it takes time.”

He believed that “the pace of development of Twitter will change a lot from what it was in the past, if nothing happens, I am a technical expert and can transfer technology quickly, and this is what will happen on the site … We want to make it as useful as possible, and than the more useful and entertaining it is, the more people will use it.”

Source: The Independent

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