Egyptian expert. The country’s exports could reach $100 billion

Majd ad-Din al-Manzalavi, head of the industry committee of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association, has suggested that the value of Egyptian exports will reach $100 billion a year if production is increased and investment is stimulated.

Al-Manzalavi said: “Having a local market is an attractive factor for foreign investors”, noting that “applied technical education means that a student studies at a school affiliated with the Ministry of Education and applies it in factories in exchange for being rewarded during studies, and after graduation he finds a job opportunity. And that there is a shortage of some skilled technical workers, because some of them left to work outside of Egypt.

He stressed that “the golden triangle is investment, production and export”, noting that “production means increasing the national product and employment opportunities and eliminating unemployment, and that an increase in production is followed by an increase in exports.”

And regarding the possibility of exporting $ 100 billion, he emphasized that “this will only be due to an increase in production, which requires an increase in investment, and in turn requires the involvement of a foreign investor, convincing him that there is a local market, who gets part of the product”, explaining that “the volume of exports needs attention” outside of the fund, and that there are many factors that help to achieve this goal and achieve exports of 100 billion dollars within 4 years.

Source: Echo of the Country

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