Egypt clashes with an Arab country in the first round of the World Handball Championship

On Monday evening, the curtain fell on the African Handball Championship of Nations, which was held in Egypt from July 9 to 18, 2022, which resulted in 5 teams qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

For the first time, 5 teams from Africa, namely Egypt, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will participate in the 2023 Handball World Cup for the final of the Handball World Cup to be held in Poland and Sweden from January 11 to 29 , 2023. For the first time with 32 teams.

The 32 teams participating in the 2023 Handball World Cup were divided into 8 groups according to the draw as follows:

Group A: Spain, Montenegro, Chile, Iran

Group B: France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia.

Group C: Sweden, Brazil, Cap Verde, Uruguay

Group D: Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, South Korea.

Group E: Germany, Qatar, Serbia, Algeria

Group F: Norway, North Macedonia, Argentina, Netherlands.

Group G: Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, USA

Group H: Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, Tunisia.

The first 3 places from each group advance to the main round draw, consisting of 4 groups.

After this stage, the first and second from each group advance to the quarter-finals, so the rest of the matches will be played in a knockout system.

Source: agencies

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