Earthquake in Turkey and Syria.. the death toll rises and rescue teams race against time (fourth day)

For the fourth day in Syria and Turkey, rescue work continues from under the rubble of buildings destroyed by the earthquake, and rescue teams rush to rescue the victims.

  • Kazakhstan sends humanitarian aid to Syria through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
  • A UAE plane arrives at Damascus International Airport carrying humanitarian aid for earthquake victims.

  • Turkish Meteorological Department: In the next five days, the air temperature in a number of states affected by the earthquake will drop to minus 15 degrees in the evening.

  • Turkish Disaster Management: Death toll rises to 12,873, death toll undetermined
  • Turkey.. Impressive video capturing the moment when a child, accompanied by a parrot, was pulled from the rubble
  • An aerial photograph showing the extent of the destruction in Antioch, Turkey, after the earthquake.
  • New footage from Kahramanmaras shows the catastrophic aftermath of the earthquake.
  • Turkey. The child was rescued after spending 70 hours under the rubble
  • Damascus: We accept, without politicizing, the help of the West to counter the humanitarian catastrophe, but we were not offered it
  • FIFA responded to Turkey’s request due to the earthquake
  • Shocking death toll in Turkey and Syria earthquake
  • A laughing child emerges from the rubble
  • The death toll in Syria has risen to more than 3,100.
  • Disaster management: Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 12,391,000
  • The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has risen to more than 15,700,000.
  • 6 planes landed at Damascus airport with help from several countries

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