During the two-hour conversation, the presidents of France and Iran discuss the nuclear dossier and reject Turkey’s actions in Syria.

The Iranian President said on Saturday evening that France supports Tehran’s position regarding the military operation of some countries in the region against Syria.

During a two-hour telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi stressed that if not for Iran’s role in fighting terrorism and supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the countries of the region, ISIS would be in Europe today.

Raisi stressed that the solution to the problems of the region lies in the hands of its peoples and governments, explaining that foreign intervention is contrary to security and stability.

Regarding the US sanctions on Iran, Raisi said they have hurt the global economy, especially Europe.

During a telephone conversation, referring to the nuclear dossier, he said that the adoption of a resolution against Iran by the International Atomic Energy Agency undermined political confidence.

The Iranian President pointed out that the IAEA’s decision provoked the crisis and was aimed at putting pressure on the Iranian people.

In this context, he stressed that the agreement on the nuclear dossier is connected with the resolution of issues with the IAEA in full and the provision of the necessary guarantees from it.

Regarding the Ukrainian crisis, Raisi told Macron that his country is ready to help end the war in Ukraine and resolve the crisis through political dialogue.

For his part, President Macron of France assured my President that efforts to complete nuclear talks would continue.

The French President also stressed the role of Iran in achieving political processes in the region.

Source: agencies

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